Santa's Hideaway Hollow

A magical place where the spirit of Christmas lasts forever.


Preparing for a Visit with Santa…


We are sure you have questions, and we are more than happy to answer each one of them for you. The Mission of Santa’s Hide-A-Way is to bring families together during a very difficult time in their lives. Often called the “medicine for the soul”, the magic of Santa’s Hide-A-Way Hollow can bring Christmas to your home, or we welcome your family to The Hollow for a very special Christmas celebration–taking all of your needs into consideration.

You may know that often a child is recommended to us by the Child Life Department of the Hospital. Speaking with them allows us to help us celebrate Christmas with your child in the most comfortable and magical way.

Things to Do:

  • Talk with your child’s Doctors and Nurses to arrange the best timing for the visit.
  • Let us know about any medical or special requirements to make the visit comfortable for your child.
  • If we are visiting your home, we do arrive in fire trucks with sirens and lights, causing quite a scene! – so please let your neighbors know to reduce any concerns.
  • Take as many pictures as you like!
  • There is no set duration time for the visit. We just want you and your family to enjoy a celebration of Christmas with us.
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    Please feel welcome to contact The Hollow at any time at, or at 440-632-5000.

    Thank you and I sincerely look forward to meeting your child and your family.

What is "The Hollow"?

Santa's Hide-A-Way Hollow, described as "A Magical Place Tucked in Your Heart Where the Spirit of Christmas Lasts Forever", began as a dream, and was completed in 1992. What started out as a desire to help terminally ill children and their families, has resulted in a Christmas retreat from the reality of their illness, creating wonderful memories instead. The Mission of Santa's Hide-A-Way is to bring families together during a very difficult time in their lives. It provides a perfect setting for a visit with Santa Claus, no matter the date.

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